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Thursday, February 2, 2017

At (WSM), our focus is on providing Small Business owners both flexibility and value for their Marketing dollar. In good economic times or bad, businesses need to keep in touch with their customers ... and they need to find ways to reach new customers. They need to do this without breaking their budget or wasting valuable time.

We offer all of the necessary services most businesses need to "keep in touch" and we do it at substantial savings over most other service providers. It’s done through our unique member-based program, allowing you and fellow members exclusive services and pricing that is unavailable to the general business community.

Explore our web site for more information and a multitude of valuable resources. Here are some of our most popular services:

As we have learned over time, no single marketing service is enough to get a business the consistent results necessary to sustain needed growth. Our portfolio of services are designed to work together and compliment each other to give you targeted, unified marketing efforts. You and your customers need appropriate communication tools to foster a long-term healthy relationship.

We provide all the necessary marketing services needed for keeping your customer base growing. And by utilizing effective email marketing techniques and direct mail programs, you'll keep your existing customers current and informed as your business evolves. Add in a well-designed, customized professional web site, and we have the foundation for an effective and efficient marketing plan that will keep your business competitive and resilient, able to sustain itself through the ups and downs of varied economies.

All businesses are different ... from services and product, to customer base, geography, and demographics, to budgets and short and long-term goals. It all translates to the unique needs of every business - and to YOUR business. We offer customized plans of attack, not cookie-cutter solutions. We have a multitude of business solutions to compliment your core marketing efforts. These solutions will evolve over time as your business does. Your design and marketing rep will be available to help you and your staff fine-tune the services that will work for you and your customers at that point in time. Your expanding portfolio of (digital) marketing materials will be accessible for later use in your newest campaigns, and this makes the turn-around process faster and more cost-effective for you and your budget.

Please take a look around our site. Note the mentioned services that we provide, and check out the many others that you may have been thinking about. Also, view our Resource Pages where you can view free eBooks and eZines chock full of valuable tips and guidance on all sorts of subjects, including some that might be just what you are looking for. We are also putting in place special Online Business Forums and Business Blogs where you can share knowledge from other business owners and professional service providers.

We don't stop there. We also have an abundance of organized links to Government and Private Sector resources that can help you find that bit of information or service that had been eluding you. Tax questions, banking, accounting, legal, software, employment, advertising, city, state, and federal ... you name it, you may just find it here, or be directed to somewhere else that will help you. And these areas are evolving and growing. So when you find a page that you like, "bookmark" it for easy reference in the future.

Many of our online resources also have convenient "sign-up" features ... some to provide monthly or quarterly newsletters, or software updates, RSS feeds, email subscriptions, etc. Some, as you will note, are published by us directly. Some by government agencies. And most by professional third-party groups or businesses. You can subscribe and un-subscribe whenever you like.

We also have a members-only area with even more valuable resources. So as much as we would like to offer it all free for any visitor, it is only free to our (paid) members. (Find out more by clicking here or by going to "Members Features" page.) Because the list of benefits changes regularly ... with updated versions of software, eBooks, and the like ... we cannot list them all. (And to be honest, we'd like to pique your curiosity about the benefits of becoming a Member!)

So, again, take a look around. Find something of interest or of help to your business. Please take advantage of the free resources and information. If you are looking for something specific, use the "Search Tool" with your keywords. We also have an extensive knowledge base. (Actually, we have two ... one for our "free" area for things found there, and a more extensive one in the Members Area -- to cover BOTH sections of our site.) And remember, whether you find it or not, or you find something you didn't even know you were looking for, bookmark this site so that you can find us when you need something else!

If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us, and we promise to do our best to help you in any way we can.


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