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Thursday, February 2, 2017

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WSM Annual Membership




Work Smarter Marketing Annual Membership Fee. This flat fee provides a number of benefits to our clients. Receive services at approximately 30% below our regular non-member rates. Also receive most mobile and standard website hosting at no additional charge (A savings of $240+/year). Gain access to our members-only area of our website. Many other benefits not listed here. For more details, visit our Membership Page by CLICKING HERE

How Many Pages

How many mobile web pages do you need to start? Most businesses need only 5-8 pages. It all depends on what you think your (future) customer would need to see on their Smartphone. We recommend keeping it “simple”. Five to seven pages. If they need more info, they can visit the “full” website when they get back to their PC. The most common Pages would be Home, About Us, Contact Us, Find Us/Map, Services, Menu, Specials, Opt-In SMS.

We recommend that if you are not sure, choose the minimum (5), and you can always add more later. (You will still get the low member-price for add-on pages.